Episode 1

Published on:

14th Sep 2020

What does "Aloha" mean?

"Aloha" is a word familiar around the world, but how much know its true meaning? Especially being that our podcast name carries the word "Aloha," it is important that we help to paint the picture of what "Aloha" means.

To many, it may translate into English as "Hi, Hello, Goodbye, I love you." This is true, but there are so much more. This is just the surface of its definition. But are you willing to dive deeper?

In this episode, we tap into the messages of "Aloha" through the words of the late Auntie Pilahi Paki. She was a healer in the Hawaiian community who created this understanding to "Aloha" for people.

We hope you learn something. We also hope that you Share you Aloha with someone today...but don't forget to Aloha yourself as well.

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About the Podcast

Sharing Aloha
Aloha can change the world
The word "Aloha" is familiar around the world. But how many people know what it actually means in the Hawaiian language? It's more than a greeting, more than "love", and actually more than you can translate into English. It's a feeling, it's a relationship, it's the exchange of life.

"Sharing Aloha" is a podcast that will share the essence of "Aloha" through storytelling, inspirational talks, fun facts of Hawaiian history, and much more.

The world today can be so negative. In times of a pandemic, living day to day is becoming more difficult than ever. So "Sharing Aloha" is here to give you a dose of positivity to uplift your day while hopefully motivating and educating you at the same time.

"The amount you give will determine the amount you get back."

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